{A Jackson Love Story} Dylan + Brandy Wedding Day | Executive Hills Polo Club | Kansas City, MO • Kansas City Wedding Photographer |

Dylan and Brandy’s wedding day was tasteful and fun, chilly outside but styled with a warm color palette and pretty with PINK!

Take a look at some of my favorite photos from their wedding day, along with wedding details and advice from my post-wedding interview with Brandy. Enjoy!


Dylan and Brandy

Wedding Day // Saturday, November 4, 2017 // Executive Hills Polo Club

Planning // To be completely honest, I was planning the wedding before we were even engaged! It’s hard not to daydream about your big day when you have Pinterest! But the real planning and preparing didn’t begin until January 2017, up until our wedding day in November, with a few breaks in June and July to focus on my best friend’s wedding.

Venue // I spent several days researching venues. It was hard to choose because there are so many amazing places to choose from. We toured about five of them but Executive Hills Polo Club was the top contender. I loved that their property offered space for an outdoor ceremony with an option for an indoor reception. My favorite part was the fact that they have a fire pit, which was perfect for a smores bar!

What was your favorite memory from your wedding day? // I have a few favorite parts from the wedding;  my Dad’s toast, Dylan and I’s first dance, and watching my mom and Dylan share a mother in law/son in law dance. I couldn’t be happier seeing the love and support my parents have for Dylan.

What advice would you give to brides currently planning their own wedding? // Never be afraid to ask for help when needed, if you want something a certain way – stand your ground. Never second guess yourself. Check out Facebook’s wedding swap and shop to find wedding items at a good price. And make sure to slow down and enjoy your wedding day! Try to be well organized and have as much done as possible so you’re not stressing about getting everything done the day before/day of the wedding. It actually breaks my heart of how fast our wedding day went by knowing I spent so much of it stressing about little things.
How did it go planning the wedding yourself? // If you can afford a wedding planner, DO IT!   If you’re anything like me it would save you so much time and unnecessary stress. I would have thought I was organized and knew what I wanted until it came down to deciding things like flowers, centerpieces, where to buy these items at the best price, etc. I some how managed to get everything put together without a wedding planner, but looking back I believe I would have been able to enjoy the day way more if someone would have been coordinating everything.
VENDORS // Ceremony and Reception Location, Executive Hills Polo Club // Photography, Easton Studios // Florist, Perfect Petals Wedding and Event Florist // Entertainment, iParty Entertainment // Bartending Service, Top Shelf Bartending Service // Makeup, Hillary Rehms

{ Engagement Session }

Dylan and Brandy did their engagement session at Kauffman Center for Performing Arts

and Berkley Riverfront Park, in Kansas City, MO. Below are a few of my favorites from their session!

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{A West Love Story} Cameron + Jessie Wedding Day | Kansas City, MO • Kansas City Wedding Photographer |

Cameron and Jessie’s wedding day had more personal touches than any wedding I’ve photographed…ever.  From the location on the West family farm, down to the handmade quilts lining the barn walls.

Take a look at my featured photos from their wedding day, along with wedding details and advice from my post-wedding interview with Jessie. Enjoy!


Cameron and Jessie

Their Story // One night at a country-western bar, Carly (a friend of Jessie’s) met Cameron and his friends. She introduced them to Jessie and a few other friends and insisted they get on the dance floor! In the months following, Jessie taught Cameron some new dance moves, he decided to give her a chance and that is where their story begins.

Proposal // Cameron is known for how big of bonfires he likes to have. One night, Cameron threw a bonfire at the family farm when many friends and family came to ride four-wheelers and have a good time. Recently he had been obsessing about getting speakers hung in this outside space and Jessie did not quite understand but let him have his “fun.” He worked the entire week before the bonfire running cables/wire and hanging shelves. It came time for the fire and of course it was supposed to rain but he was still determined to put the speakers up, even with the chance they would get ruined. He gets them hung up and plugged in just hours before the party is going to start and people are starting to arrive. He tests them out and only one of them is working! He fiddles with it for a few minutes and then gives up and needs to go entertain the people that have shown up to go ride four-wheelers. They get back to the fire after riding to get it lit and Sam (Cameron’s old roommate/groomsman) comes up to Jessie to let her know he got all the speakers working. She just thought “what is the deal with these boys and these speakers, I don’t get it.” and replies “Okay, umm thanks!?” (Completely clueless). The boys get the fire lit after a few tries and they turn the music on. After everyone mingles for awhile Cameron gives Sam the cue. He goes in to Cameron’s truck where the ring is hiding under the seat and slips it into Cameron’s pocket. Then waits for the song to end and turns on When She Says Baby by Jason Aldean (Cameron and Jessie’s Song). Which of course they have to dance to. They dance in the field and at the end of the song there is just silence until Cameron says “Will you marry me?” Jessie confused says “WHAT?” and Cameron gets down on one knee and says “Will you marry me? I have a ring and it fits you and everything?” She of course says “YES!!” and he slipped the ring on her finger.


Wedding Day // Saturday, October 7, 2017 // West Family Farm

The Farm // We got married on Cameron’s family farm. It was a centennial farm in 1976. 141 years of the land being in his families name.  We transformed the barn where his grandfather used to keep his sheep into a wedding venue just for the night.

Planning // We had about a year and a half to plan… but we didn’t really. We had some of the big details taken care of early on (PHOTOGRAPHER, caterer, location, date… yup that’s it) other than that we didn’t even start working on the barn until mid July and we got married on October 7th.

Floral // We ordered our flowers in bulk. My sister-in-law Laura used to work at a flower shop so she offered to put the bouquets together. The were BEAUTIFUL!

What was your favorite part of the wedding day? // Seeing each other for the first time; watching the groomsmen and ushers doing wheelies in the golf cart and getting to share our hard work and special day with all of our family and friends.

Ceremony Highlights // {Song} The song sang during the ceremony was Perfect Two by Auburn. It was sang by my little sister Megan and Cameron’s younger sister Raschell. They sounded wonderful and a lot of people teared up.

{Branding} Pinterest had a start with everything in our wedding. Anything out of the box and has to do with fire has Cameron’s name written all over it. His dad designed the final product out of laser cut steel. Through practice tests and a lot of thought we decided the best way was to actually use the metal as a stencil and burn the wood around it. I held the metal flat to the wood while Cameron actually burnt the wood using a torch. It was a windy day so the groomsmen all had to come hold my dress so it didn’t blow into the flames.

Before the reception entrance, Cameron and Jessie practice their first dance…
First Dance // Our first dance was to One Woman by Randy Rodgers. We wanted to do a Cowboy Cha Cha for our first dance and I love Randy Rodgers so it worked out really well. However our most sentimental song was actually the song that we entered the reception to, When She Says Baby by Jason Aldean. This is the song Cameron played before popping the question and has always been “our song.”
What advice would you give to brides currently planning their own wedding? // It is STRESSFUL. The combination of having to not only plan a wedding but ready a sheep barn with a dirt floor in to a wedding venue was a lot. We had to do all the “normal wedding planning” and all the stuff you shouldn’t have to think about. For example there were no bathrooms so we needed a solution for that and there was no space for a caterer to prepare food so we had to plan for that, as well as upgrading the electrical panel in the barn from the 1940’s so it would handle a DJ set up and 5,000 Christmas lights, etc. etc.

My advice would be just make lists. Prioritize them and then cross stuff off. I made a new list every week the last 3 months. Most of the time it was just condensing from the old list but there was ALWAYS new stuff to add to it and it kept it all fresh in my head and my hubby and I on the same page.

And drink more wine. Breathe. You will still be married at the end of the day and that really is what matters.


{ Engagement Session }

If you missed Cameron and Jessie’s incredible engagement session, also at the West family farm, check it out below!

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